The Wish List #1 – A Foray into Fruit

At our old house, we had a lovely orchard at the end of the garden, and in it we had a variety of apple, pear and plum trees. I can’t remember when the plum tree gave up the ghost: it has been a gnarled dead man’s claw pointing upwards at a sort of forty-five degree angle since the beginning of time. But I loved our apple trees, and when we moved to windy farm I sadly lamented their absence.

Then one weekend in July I went to Dean’s garden centre in Scarborough, and had a casual stroll down the fruit trees aisle, just out of curiosity…

Now, I discovered a while ago you could get a wonderful cider made of Katy apples – spelled right and everything! For years I’ve been mooning after having my own Katy apple tree, with dreams of maybe one day making my own Katy cider… And what did I discover, down the fruit tree aisle?


IMG_1629Now in true modern day stalker style, I took photos of the trees and straight away showed Mum and Dad, and yearned away my little heart after them, in my mind planning all the apple pies I will make. After all, I didn’t win the best apple pie two years running at Middleton Village Show for nothing!

And then, on my birthday, rushing home from work, I almost missed this beauty, wrapped up with a big beautiful bow!

Katy tree

KatyAnd not only a Katy apple tree, but a Bramley as well!


BramleysLook at this first-rate photograph as well – the water droplet running down the side of the apple! Is that not just the most amazing thing you have ever seen? I cannot wait to get these guys planted out in the garden!




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