Getting Ready for Spring… The New Raised Bed Diaries

Hello all!

After a weekend away, I’ve been back in my garden. 

It’s nearly March. March is the biggie month – the start of it all! ‘Spring’ is just around the corner, and things start heating up – hopefully figuratively and literally!

I’ve filled my greenhouse up with trays of sown seeds… as yet not much is happening. So far I’ve sown:

  • Various kinds of tomato (moneymaker, Ailsa Craig, sun gold, black cherry)
  • Leeks (I got free with my subscription to Kitchen Garden magazine)
  • Ailsa Craig onions, as recommended by DT Brown
  • Red Baron onions, which as the name suggests, are red onions!
  • All year round cauliflowers
  • And some cayenne peppers from seed, which Nana kindly gave to me, though with a warning that they were a little out of date, and should be sown with a pinch of salt.

So far, not much has happened, except…

I made a vlog! Check it out:

Who knew I had such a strong Yorkshire accent? Looking back at my video, I laughed for about half an hour over how I pronounced ‘greenhouse’. Anyway! This video seems to chiefly be about my cauliflowers. Here’s a pic of them!

I counted 29 little seedlings here - they're going strong!

I counted 29 little seedlings here – they’re going strong!

Whoa! Look at these bad boys! I counted, and I have 29 cauliflower seedlings! These, added to the two strong cauliflower plants that have overwintered on the bed itself, bring me up to 31 of the vegetable! Now, if you read my blog last year, you will recall that I had an issue with cauliflowers…

They all got eaten! They came on great, grew to a couple of inches high, and then I sowed by them some infected radish, or maybe there was already something nasty in the soil. Either way, a whole crop of radish, turnip and my cherished caulis were wiped out by nasty horrid maggotty things. Many tears were shed!

So this year I’m doing things proper. I’ve got my cabbage collars. Those pesky bugs aren’t getting anywhere near my brassicas! I’ve bought netting and all sorts. Last year was a trial run. This year it’s serious stuff!

What have you guys started at the moment? Have you got any seedlings coming up yet?



3 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Spring… The New Raised Bed Diaries

  1. sweetpea2love says:

    Katy, do worry one little bit about your accent, it’s adorable and fresh. Mine sways toward a southern draw… elongated words drawn out. Your video was great by the way, and I’ve heard a lot of folks have problems with bugs on the cauliflowers. This is a reason I haven’t been brave enough to try growing them. I’ve attempted Bell peppers, but they love really hot weather days, which up here in Northern Canada ~ are few and far between. My lettuce and dill is started and growing nicely indoors, waiting for a nice spring day to arrive for planting. At least the lettuce loves the cooler temps. Happy gardening to ya and look forward to seeing your next post about your garden…

    Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~

    • katylallanby says:

      Thank you for your lovely comments Laura – I read your last comment first, so I knew it was a typo! I always think I sound a bit peasanty – but I am from the country! Good luck with your lettuce and dill 🙂 I daren’t start my lettuce yet; I haven’t decided where they’re going to go yet. I think it’s still a bit cold anyway! Though probably not as cold as Northern Canada! Thanks again, Katy x

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