Minimalist March Week 1

Have you ever seen the Nicolas Cage movie, Gone in 60 Seconds? Don’t judge, and don’t diss! It’s one of my favourite movies. If you follow my other blog, A Little Blue Subaru Called Dickie, over at, then you’ll know I’m a wee bit of a petrolhead! Some of my favourite films are Gone in 60, the Fast and the Furious series (RIP Paul Walker, one of my all-time heroes), the recent Aaron Paul (and massively underrated) film Need for Speed, plus anything that has a Gumball Rally/Cannonball Run theme.

But what’s all this got to do with my Minimalist March quest, you ask? Well, I am getting there, in a roundabout way… my undergrad university supervisor always used to say I rambled a bit, often around the point, but never quite getting to the point. Which reminds me! I did pick up my Masters thesis (it’s a dissertation, but thesis sounds oh-so-posh) the other week. I need to make a ‘clever clogs’ post.

In Gone in 60 Seconds, if you’ve never seen the class film (why haven’t you? It’s got Nicolas Cage, a blonde dreadlocked Angelina Jolie, a silent Vinnie Jones, Phoebe’s little brother, and an intriguing barbeque at the end), Nicolas Cage plays the retired car thief whose little brother – Phoebe’s little brother, do keep up – gets into a bit of a sticky situation, failing to “boost” (steal, must be like the lingo) a bunch of cars for the Doctor Who who came before David Tennant. Who was Malekith the bad guy in one of my other all-time favourite movies, Thor the Dark World! I am a Marvel geek, and a serious Loki fangirl. But I digress. So Nic Cage must do the brotherly thing and get his brother out from being apparently crushed in a car crusher in the scrap metal yard. Hmmm. They have is it something like three nights to boost (steal) these cars, and instead of spreading it out over the three nights, Nicolas Cage and his band of merry men (…no, wait, that’s Robin Hood) plus blonde Angie do it in one night, so by the time the cops are alerted to it, the cars are on their container ship to wherever it is they are mysteriously bound. What will happen to the Shelby Mustang (Eleanor) is never stated: who’s getting these cars? Are they going to car heaven? Or car oblivion?

My view on my Minimalist March effort is something similar. I could have updated every day with a theme of ‘on this day I got rid of two coupons in my purse…’ but some days I didn’t declutter at all just going to be dead boring! So instead I’m going to do it in a big chunk on a weekend. Or, as this is looking to be, a series of maybe smaller chunks on a weekend. Saturdays seem to be busy days for me! Last weekend Mamma and I were here, there and everywhere, and this Saturday I am going out with the Sloegin (otherwise known as best friend Amy) since it was her birthday yesterday. We have afternoon tea reservations at Bettys tearooms in York – how very posh! So, as my day is bracketing around that, I intend to come back this afternoon and resume my Minimalist March crusade.

can however tell you what I have done thus far!

My bedroom is a bit of a pit. During the week I don’t get back from work till between 7 and 8, some days. I come home, cook my tea, wash up, then normally fall asleep in front of the TV. Because that is how cool I am. If I have a cup of coffee and get off the recliner settee, I can normally stay awake. If I have a glass or two of wine, I am a goner. I use the dining room table as a dumping ground and I tend to half-fold my work clothes in a heap in my bedroom. It comes as no surprise that I lost my TV remote in my room the other day. Iron Man was on E4 and I thought I’d watch everyone’s favourite playboy millionaire while I decluttered. As things turned out, I couldn’t even do that; so I listened to Classic FM and got in a rage.

I often have rages.

But this was good! Good for decluttering. I have filled up a bag of beauty products that I have been holding onto, presumably in the hope of doing a Beauty Bin blog post like the very lovely Simone Simons does, who is also another one of my all-time heroines. I may actually do a Beauty Bin type post, and then possibly put up a picture of my face, and then we will all realise how any illusions of similarities between myself and the divine Simone Simons are just that: illusions. I also then tackled my drawers. I have filled up another huge bag full of clothes I no longer fit into wear. These will have various possibilities: to sell on eBay, or local Facebook groups; donate to charity (there is a charity collection bag on the table next to me right this second), or to allow my mother to attack with scissors to make ‘rag rugs’, her latest crafting project. I have two big jewellery boxes that can be put on the local Facebook pages. I also have a load of jewellery that I never wear, simply because I wear basically: my Trollbeads necklace, and a watch. Bling bling. Then I have four alarmingly large stacks of books (all university reading list books, compiled over the years from my undergrad, my MA, and my brief flirtation with teacher training), which can all be whacked on the internet to go and gather dust on somebody else’s bookshelves!

So I have made progress. I am pleased with that so far. But that’s the easy part: gathering the stuff up, putting it in bags, and moving it to another part of the house. That’s my version of tidying, and is something of an Allanby family habit. The next bit is also relatively easy: sorting through things, deciding to sell or fling, photographing things to sell, and adding them to my new all-singing all-dancing spreadsheet I’ve made. It’s the actual physical listing which will be the hard part. But I’m determined. I am, I am, I am.

So that’s my Saturday morning update. I seem to be good at blogging first thing on a morning (after I’ve had my coffee – this morning it was a Nescafe Dolce Gusto Vanilla Latte Macchiato and it was nom nom nom! I would definitely recommend) or towards an evening, usually when I’ve had a glass or three of vino, and thus my posts tend to get less and less sensible.

These are the beautiful tulips that have been inspiring me. I have altered the image – they’re not quite as glaringly 70s in real life.

Gorgeous colours! Realistically they are more of a red wine and cream.

Gorgeous colours! Realistically they are more of a red wine and cream.

Stay tuned for the next installment of my Minimalist March, which will be winging its way to a computer screen near you, sometime this evening!

If you too want to declutter, please check out the original blog post, on!

Here it is:

Much love, Katy


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