5/10/15 – Retrospective

5/10/15 – Retrospective

I can’t quite believe that if things had turned out differently – if I hadn’t made a huge decision that, to put it melodramatically, changed my little life – I would be up to my elbows and my eyeballs in marking and lesson preparation and a quagmire of stress and panic and general disillusionment with life. Yet I’m not! Granted I get back from work late, and by the time I’ve made my tea, eaten up, washed up, bathed and sorted my life out, there isn’t much time for relaxation – more just rest. But I make do as best I can!

What I’m doing at the moment…


At the moment I’m nearing the close of The Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan’s definitive fantasy epic. I’ve spent most of this year reading this series: currently I am on book thirteen of fourteen, The Towers of Midnight. I hope to finish the whole set by the end of the year, which is looking pretty likely!

I’ve loved this series. It takes a lot of investment to follow a fourteen book series, and I did initially give up halfway through when i first started, but this time round I have persevered, and I’m glad I have! Things are starting to come together and the Last Battle is definitely imminent. This has been quite a journey for me so I intend to write a full blog post about this.


At the moment I’m watching a bunch of different things. Wednesday is good telly day for me! I’ve been watching Nashville and Bake Off, but both finished this week; one nicely wrapped up with a bow on top, and the other with a mega load of cliffhangers. I didn’t cry at Bake Off unlike apparently the rest of the UK, but I did get a bit misty-eyed at the end of Nashville.

Once Upon A Time has started again and Netflix are uploading each episode a couple of days after it broadcasts in America. I do like a good bit of OUAT! I know it’s dead cheesy and has appalling special effects (and how many “lost memory” curses can people really be put under before their brains start turning to mush, honestly?), but Robert Carlyle is fab in it as Mr Gold/Rumpelstiltskin and who can’t beat a bit of Killian “Captain Guyliner” Jones as the dashing Hook?

But really every night I’m watching a couple of episodes of Grimm, my current favourite programme. And series 5 will be shown over here in November! Only problem is I’m halfway through series 3 and series 4 isn’t on Netflix yet. At the moment I’m into my cop shows and I’ve always loved my supernatural shows, so Grimm combines the two. While Nick is gorgeous , I am definitely a Sean Renard girl. Especially when he’s holding a baby. Even if I am totally jealous of Adalind, and I’m not sure I am meant to be. I do worry that too many people now know Nick’s identity, and the location of the super secret trailer. Something major is about to happen! It’s a great series, even if when I tried to explain it to Louise at work, she commented that it sounded like a “bad American soap opera”! Maybe with werewolves.

Listening to

At the moment I’m listening to the radio a lot more. I have a routine: in the morning now I listen to Minster FM, on my drive to work until I get out of range, then I switch to Viking. On an evening I try to catch the Confessions on Radio 2, then if I the music or chat is decent I stick with that, until I get in range for Minster. I tuned in to Radio York accidentally the other day and I heard about the visibility of Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter. I got up early to see Venus and Jupiter but I think I was too late for the two other, less visible ones.

Whilst sorting through some things I found a CD I hadn’t really listened much to, and after playing it a bit on my way to and from work, I can’t really understand why! Tuomas Holopainen’s first solo album sounds a bit ridiculous, The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, and yet is anything but! As the main songwriter for Finnish band Nightwish (“mastermind behind” is what the sticker on the album case says) despite this not being a metal album, there are all the hallmarks here: listening in retrospect with Endless Forms Most Beautiful, I can definitely hear the precursors to that album in here. It is a story album and yet it isn’t a ram-it-down-your-throat concept album: the story is overceded (so not a word) by Holopainen’s stunning music. He does know how to make a good song: while I love Epica and some of their songs are my favourites, I still feel like they need to learn a lot from this outstanding Finn on how to meld a heavy bit into a softer bit. Even without the operatic vocals he so utilised well with Tarja Turunen (sorry, fangirl) he’s created a perfectly ethereal moments with the voices here. And the occasional chiming bells totally get me in the mood for Christmas!


This week at work I found out I’m covering the maternity leave of one of my colleagues in sales & marketing, which means I’ve been learning how to put things onto our website and change things – I’ve also been learning html as well! Only a little bit, and while I am using it, I’m not sure what it all means, but it’s doing what I want it to!

Other things I’ve learnt this week… fresh air makes you sleepy! Saturday Nana invited me to watch Pickering Town play at the Rec Club, a match sponsored by the family in memory of my grandad. It was a top day out – we got to have our lunch at half time brought to us and we had a little table all laid out for we six ladies and we had a right good time! Pickering won 2-0 which made it even better and I loved being involved. I’m not that big into football – I am a Liverpool supporter but I find watching footie on the telly a bit numbing; nothing beats actually being there! I definitely will go to another match. But all that fresh air and excitement sucked it out of me; I was reading upstairs (Strictly was too loud and bright and brassy to concentrate on my book) and I must have just laid down to “rest my eyes” and next thing you know, it was gone midnight! I think I might be old before my time.

Pinterest recipes are very hit and miss. I’ve trialled a few, and some I’ve used again and again – I make Almond Joy granola every couple of weeks and it’s gorgeous, though I tweak the recipe a bit (maple syrup is so expensive!), yet I made some turkey and sweet potato burgers, and they definitely didn’t go according to plan. Whoops! I was suspicious by the lack of breadcrumbs and egg to bind them together. They were tasty though, so a bit of tweaking may be involved.

Stay tuned for next week & see what I’ve been up to!

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