End of an Era!! :( :((

Please allow me to take a break from (not) updating the Germany blog, and interrupt with this devastating bit of news!

A few years ago, Dad discovered a dude called Ken Block, who used to do drifting and such like in a Subaru Impreza sponsored by Monster Energy. A little while prior to a Ring trip, Dad got a load of stickers, and decided to do his blue car up like Ken Block. This resulted in our friend Andy declaring that Dad now had to “drive it like it was stolen”.




Now, after a few good years of it being one of the most recognizable cars on the track (very useful too for trawling through all the photos afterwards), Dad has started taking the stickers off! This truly is end of an era. Not only did best car not go to Germany at Easter, it’s now being stripped down.



This is Father in the process of the dark deed! Poor little car.

And here it is, naked! How rude! Somehow it looks less beastly, less…monstrous? I would say he’ll be able to sneak up on people, but it’s still so noisy that there’s no sneaking about anywhere!